• Awakening the Genius…
  • Striving for Perfection…
  • Sparkling Radiance…
  • Passion and Perseverance…
  • Igniting Curiosity…
  • Soaring to New Heights…
  • Steering Ahead Fearlessly…
  • Inspiring Impressionable Minds…

The integrated academic curriculum focuses on an innovative learner-centered approach and experiential learning strategies to develop divergent thinking skills. Exciting activities and enriching experiences such as role-play, field-trips, project-work, group activities etc. are entwined throughout the curriculum to make the concepts interesting, intriguing and invigorating so that these remain etched in the minds of the learners forever.

The highly trained faculty at Salwan focuses on leveraging the potential of the learners. Creative tasks and assignments focusing upon capacity building and skill- development are conducted to maximize the learning outcomes. Stress is also laid upon individual attention. Effective feed-back mechanism plays an important role in enhancing and improving individual academic performance.

Assessment is the key component of learning as it determines whether or not the goals of education are being met. It provides timely and informative feedback to students and motivates them towards self-improvement.



There will be two terms and four assessments.


For Languages (English and Hindi)


Listening+ Speaking+ Reading +Written Assessment

For Mathematics


Mental Math + MCQ + Activity/Project + Written Assessment

For Environment Science
(Social Science and General Science)


Environmental Sensitivity + Project/Activity + Scientific Skills + Written Assessment


The following co-scholastic areas are to be assessed :



CLASSES VI-IX and XI* (As per CBSE Guidelines)

  1. It is mandatory to appear in all Examinations.
    2. A student has to obtain not less than 33% marks (in both: theory and internal assessment ) in each of the five subjects separately and in aggregate in order to be declared as 'Passed'.
    3. If a student gets less than 33% in one subject, his/her promotion in the said subject will be as per the guidelines issued by CBSE.
    4. Students will be awarded Marks as well as grades.
    *In order to be declared as 'passed', a candidate should obtain not less than 33% marks in each of the five subjects on cumulative basis in theory and practical separately. (Class XI)
    5. If a student gets less than 33 % in one subject, he/ she will be placed in 'compartment' in the said subject as per the rules.

Third Language Option (Classes VI- VIII)